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A crossover toolbox installs behind the cab of the truck, they span across the width of the bed and mount on the sides without touching the floor. This is the most traditional mounting method and does not allow the addition of a bed cover.

A side mounted tool box attach to the rails on either side of the bed, just like the crossover, they extend downward without touching the floor. this style of mount provides easy access to your tools when you're standing on the side of the truck.

Top mount boxes sit on the sides of the bed and extend upward instead of down into the bed. They take up no space in the bed but come as a detriment to visibility behind the driver.

Storage drawers fill the floor of the pickup bed completely, it creates a new level of storage, with the drawers being store in between the old bed and the new one. They create easy access and create no blind spots, however, they reduce your storage capability in your bed.

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