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Roll-Up Covers protect your truck bed from the elements, they use a frame that easily clamps to the bed of the truck without drilling. Roll-Up covers usually feature a vinyl surface on both sides and have a rear rail lock which offers added security when vehicle is equipped with a locking tailgate.


Folding covers have gained popularity largely due to their ease of use, they come in hard and soft covers, with the hard covers giving added security when the vehicle is equipped with a locking tailgate. Since these covers provide easy access to the bed of the truck they are popular predominantly with owners who carry taller cargo.


Retractable covers are the more expensive option, however, they are unique in their design. They retract into a canister at the front of the truck bed giving easy access to the bed. These covers are usually flush to the truck providing a clean look, and doesn't need to be fully closed to be secured. 

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